Can you print designs on sleeves or other parts of the garment besides the front or back?

Yes, it is possible to print designs on various parts of the garment, including sleeves, front, back of shirts, and even pockets. This allows for greater flexibility and creativity in your garment design, and can make your custom apparel truly unique.

The latest printing technology, such as direct to film printing, can produce high-quality, full-colour designs on almost any part of the garment. However, it’s important to note that printing on sleeves or other non-flat areas of the garment can be more challenging than printing on the front or back of the garment, and may require specialized equipment or techniques.

Overall, the ability to print on various parts of the garment is a great way to add customization and creativity to your custom apparel. We have the expertise and equipment to handle different printing needs and ensure that your design looks great on the finished garment.